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Maggie Harding

Welcome! I'm here to help.  I'm here to help you reach your fitness goals through training that is diverse, fun and functional. Let's talk about what you need and I'll try to put together a program that will give you the most benefit, and at the same time make it interesting enough so you'll want to stick with it.

I've been involved with athletics and dance since I was a child.  My training has included many years of training in ballet, tap, gymnastics and ice skating. In high school, I was a successful member of the swim team and basketball team and was awarded the Presidential Physical Fitness award.  For 5 years, I skated professionally with Ice Follies, Holiday on Ice, and Disney on Ice, performing all over the United States and Canada. Today, I continue to skate. Figure skating is my passion.  I am a competitive figure skater, and a U.S. Figure Skating official judge. Recently, I volunteered as the chair of the Adult Skating Committee of U.S. Figure Skating, the National Governing Body for figure skating, serving in that position for 3 years. I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I teach group Core Strength classes, and I maintain CPR and First Aid certifications.  I've earned a degree in Kinesiology: Exercise and Movement Science from San Francisco State University with Magnum Cum Laude.

Core Strength exercise keeps me in shape to be able to do all the things I love, and I am happy to be able to pass my knowledge on to others.  You are welcome to join me in one of my on-going classes, or email me to schedule a private session: maggie@bjharding.com

Read what others say about me here and on the Testimonials page!"Maggie's a wonderful teacher!  Her instruction is clear and concise.  She is cheerful, patient and supportive.  She derives great joy from seeing her students attain their goals.  The great thing is that anyone can do her exercises and get true results.  I'm watching waistlines shrink here!"  --Micky Powell, Director at Star Dance Studio "Maggie's Core Fitness Class is an amazing thing. During her sessions the exercises seem so gentle; yet the effect on my balance, strength and overall feeling of wellness is palpable - even after only a few weeks. The best thing is that, while you cannot hurt yourself using the wonderful mix of exercises that she uses, you still feel and see very real improvements. This is the best thing that I ever did for my body! (I have also noticed lately that I have to tighten my belt one more notch.)"  --Peter

"Maggie is terrific! She is very passionate about training and truly cares about her clients health and well being. I worked out with Maggie only once a week and lost between one and two pounds a week, lost inches, felt stronger and had more energy. She kept me challenged, helped me achieve my goals and we had lots of fun. I would highly recommend Maggie!" --Marjorie

Review Maggie's Resume with her experiences and educational endeavors by clicking here.

Maggie offers one-on-one Personal Training at a convenient location for you. She is based in San Francisco, CA. See the Personal Training page for more information.

Maggie offers a Core Strength Class at Nfinite Strength (509 Taraval & 15th Ave) on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. See the Core Strength Class page for more information and registration.

Contact Maggie Harding at:     Phone: 415-713-6901     email: maggie@bjharding.com