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Here's what others are saying about Maggie:

Having sciatica translates into pain down my right leg with prolonged sitting. Taking Maggie's class regularly helps immeasurably . When ever I miss classes - the pain is back. Maggie is the best medicine for me! VRI (11/17/2014)

Maggie -- I know that I speak for Marcia and myself as probably the oldest members of Core. For both of us, it has been truly a life changing event. We are both much healthier for your incredible instruction, motivation and having all of our best interests in all of the classes. For us, CORE is more than an exercise class. It is continuing community that is committed to health and our collective well- being. We so appreciate the classes at the current Studio compared to the Star Dance studio. It is much more pleasant with heat, better lighting, fans, bathrooms and carpeting on the floor. The parking is so much better even though there is Street cleaning on Tuesdays. Lindsay's place is the perfect environment for CORE and we look forward to many more years of CORE (and TORTURE) with you at the helm.
To your continued success in Core!! -- Steve and Marcia R. (9/20/2014)

"I have known Maggie for almost 10 years. When I discovered her class I was hooked. She is the best teacher I know. I sprung for private classes and I am hooked on that too! I feel good all week from her class.” Terri B. (9/20/2014)

"I have been training with Maggie on a weekly basis for over 2 years. I came to her with postpartum depression after delivering my second child. I felt frail, lacked appetite, and just didn't feel myself. Just after a few weeks of fitness training using the TRX and floor exercises I began to feel healthy again. She helped me get back on track of taking care of myself so that I could care for my family and follow through on work responsibilities. Maggie is very knowledgeable about fitness and knows just what steps to guide one towards their health goals. She is nonjudgmental and passionate about what she does. She also has a great sense of humor and I enjoy my workout every single time.” Helen W. (9/20/2014)

I just had to let everyone know about Maggie Harding. I’ve done a few sessions with Maggie and have been very impressed with quite a few things about her. Most importantly, during our first session together, she did a very thorough assessment of my physical fitness and was able to suggest a great stretch sequence to address some alignment issues that were causing me back pain. Then during our next sessions, she provided me with great workouts that were geared toward improving my fitness, but that took into consideration my current limitations, so that I felt that I was getting a great work out but not overdoing it. She has a great sense of humor and a lot of patience which makes each session fun. She is also extremely knowledgeable and made me feel like I was in good hands. I can’t recommend her enough. --Kathy G.

I have been working with Maggie Harding at DIAKADI for almost five years. We have traveled a long way together through that time; with Maggie’s patient encouragement and innovative exercise routines, I have lost over 50 pounds and can actually do pushups . When we started I had a hard time with balance, limited stamina and could barely manage to lift a 5 lb weight. While I won‘t get style points for my exercise routine, I am more flexible, my arthritis is barely noticeable, and I can touch my knees with my nose. Maggie is creative and supportive; I couldn’t ask for a better coach. --Linda

Maggie is terrific! She is very passionate about training and truly cares about her clients health and well being. I worked out with Maggie only once a week and lost between one and two pounds a week, lost inches, felt stronger and had more energy. She kept me challenged, helped me achieve my goals and we had lots of fun. I would highly recommend Maggie! --Marjorie

For more than a year, two or three times a week, I have participated in Maggie Harding's Core Strength Fitness Class. Maggie is a gifted and generous teacher. She has crafted exercise routines that are challenging and effective without being intimidating. She is extremely perceptive and manages to give individual attention in a friendly group setting. I have enjoyed tremendous benefits from taking her classes, increased muscle tone, improved flexibility, better posture, and less soreness in my shoulders at the end of a stressful day. --Randy

Maggie's Core Fitness Class is an amazing thing. During her sessions the exercises seem so gentle; yet the effect on my balance, strength and overall feeling of wellness is palpable - even after only a few weeks. The best thing is that, while you cannot hurt yourself using the wonderful mix of exercises that she uses, you still feel and see very real improvements. This is the best thing that I ever did for my body! (I have also noticed lately that I have to tighten my belt one more notch.) --Peter

Maggie's a wonderful teacher!  Her instruction is clear and concise.  She is cheerful, patient and supportive.  She derives great joy from seeing her students attain their goals.  The great thing is that anyone can do her exercises and get true results.  I'm watching waistlines shrink here! --Micky Powell, Director at Star Dance Studio

Here's a success story from Ed...

I am probably not typical, because I have four "bulged" discs in my low back and one in my neck. I had tried everything; chiropractor, acupuncture, nsaid's, muscle relaxants, Celebrex, Vicodin, physical therapy, pain support groups, you name it. One Sunday morning three years ago I walked past the Star Ballet--I live just a block away--and saw a class: people of all ages using a mat and a big exercise ball. I saw a poster on the glass: Core Strength. Later I happened to be walking back as people were leaving. I walked up to a woman about my age (57) and asked, how hard is this? It's not hard, she said. I told her about my situation and she encouraged me to give the class a try.

I figured I'd have to buy the ball, the mat, some special shoes etc, but when I called the instructor, Maggie Harding, she said she'd lend me everything I needed so I could try it out. It took me a while to work up the courage to come--my back was really fragile in those days--but once I got there it was easy.

Maggie pays attention to everyone in the class; I don't know how she does it, but she knows when someone is in pain, and finds a way for them to participate within their limits. Soon I loved it so much that I talked Maggie into adding a third day (now it's Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday). I go all three days every week, and I couldn't imagine life without it. I've lost 20 lbs, mostly because I now can ride a bike and do other exercise, and I do. My abs are rock-hard for the first time in 30 years. Who knew? I thought I was too old to look this solid, to stand this straight. Best of all, I am no longer in pain.

Every class is different in the details--apparently there are many ways to work the "core" muscles--but the pattern never changes: warm up exercises involving large movements--easy and impact-free. Then comes what I think of as "the muscle groups of the day;" a series of exercises to strengthen first one then another specific area, maybe the insides of the legs, or it could be the low abs, or the shoulders and upper arms.

Many of the exercises involve using balance to keep your core engaged, which stimulates my brain as well as my body, so I start my day feeling alert and alive. Maybe that's why the days when I have class are always my best days of the week; I'm more awake with less caffeine.

Maggie has constructed this class from her wide-ranging expertise, bringing in elements of yoga, Pilates, physical therapy, physiology and skating conditioning (she skates competitively and was once Tinker Bell or something in Walt Disney on Ice). She saves the best of all these for the last 20 minutes: gentle stretching.

Maggie sets a friendly tone, and I really like everyone in the class. We are in all shapes and sizes, and all ages, ranging from dancers types in their 20's to sedentary folks in their 60's. A few people come in with a back or a knee or some other issue, but more have just gotten soft from too many birthdays since they did any exercise. Somehow Maggie is able to set a pace and incorporate exercises that work for everyone, without anybody either feeling overwhelmed or under-challenged. We laugh a lot and everyone goes out of their way to make new people feel welcome. I've found some real friendships in that class.

And, physically, what a difference! I used to be a mess: carpal tunnel, the bad back, crummy posture, whine whine cry cry. Core Strength has changed all that. I like how I feel, and how I look. I can sit at a desk for hours with no pain. I can carry in the groceries. I can drive to the mountains (long car rides used to be torture). I can run around with my kids, go hiking, biking, walk the 40 lb dog on a leash; I can do so many things I could only dream of doing just three years ago. Like I said, I had tried everything and nothing worked. Now I have core strength, and that's made all the difference.


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